Corrosion-Resistant Thermoplastic Fans

Corrosion resistant fan ready for shipment

AMPlast Corporation designs and manufactures a large variety of plastic fans ranging in size from small laboratory up to huge industrial fans. Various types of plastic materials are available (including thermoplastics) in order to achieve the highest corrosion-resistance required for your project.

A wide range of ventilation accessories are also available using modern 3D machining CNC technology in the manufacture of thermoplastics and poly-carbonate accessories (up to 4" thick).


PPh-plastic fans in final assembly
  • VCP & VCP HP: Medium and High Pressure Fans
  • Airflows from 100 cfm to 80,000 cfm
  • Pressure to 20" WC
  • Standard casing and impeller: PPh
  • Other material available: PVC, PEHD, PPs, and PVDF
  • Painted steel frames, with direct drives (ED) and belts drives (EC).


PPh thermoplastic CNC router Plastic fan manufacturing plant