how does a biofilter work

Biofilter for odor control

Biological abatement systems operate by the dispersion of contaminated gas through a medium which supports micro-organisms that decompose the odorous compounds and use them as a feedstuff. The residence time of the compounds determines how long the micro-organisms have to decompose them.
Biofilters are particularly suited for odor removal in sewage treatment plants where there are constant contaminant loads. They are also often used in many industries for VOC removal.
AMPlast Corporation uses an incompressible filter media with a low-pressure drop. This allows us to design and fabricate tall filters with a reduced footprint area.

Standard configuration of a biofilter

Biofilter schematic

Biological filters offer substantial benefits and significant cost savings. In particular, low levels of contaminations can be treated without production of effluents, which would require further treatment.
It is important to maintain high humidity within the media bed to maximize performance.